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Benefits of power flushing:

Over time, central heating systems can start to perform less efficiently due to the natural build up of limescale, rust and dirt. Power flushing clears out your entire system, restoring optimum performance.

  • Reduce fuel bills by up to 25% - quicker heat-up times

  • Improve central heating efficiency - reduce boiler noise

  • Prolongs the life of your system

“The power flush carried out by Chris made an immediate difference to the warmth of the house. It heats up in next to no time now.” 

- Kathryn, Lyncombe Hill, Bath

Clean the sludge out of your heating system to restore its performance

You need a power flush if:

  • Radiator water is dirty - radiators need frequent bleeding

  • System is slow to heat up - boiler failure or excessive noise

  • Blocked or cold radiators - pump failure or noise

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